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About Us

Children’s sun safe swimwear, designed in Cairns, North Queensland.

Each design is created from my own original art, inspired by the ocean and tropical life.

Founded by Australian stay at home mother of two Emily Griffen, Jayla and Jaxon is inspired by a combination of her many talents and passions.

After living and working on the Great Barrier Reef for almost 15 years, Emily gave up the life of an ocean adventurer, Captain and boat owner to start a family. After staying home for a few years to raise her two kids, she began looking to head back into the workforce. However after exploring the ocean with the likes of the BBC, taking expeditions around the Torres Straits and Papua New Guinea, exploring remote areas and tagging tiger sharks with scientists and researchers, the idea of joining the 9-5 daily grind was not an appealing option.

Being an artist and lover of all things outdoors, especially the ocean, she combined her talents to create a new brand of unique children's swimwear. Knowing the dangers and effects of sun exposure from her many years working on boats, there is a big emphisis on sun protection. All designs offer full front, back and arm coverage, and are made from high quality UPF50+ fabrics.

All of the designs are created from Emily's own pencil and watercolour artworks!

Our main focus is to provide a unique product for your little adventurers to be comfortable wearing all day whilst being protected from the sun. We understand the importance of letting kids explore in our wonderful outdoors, and wanted you as parents to know your little ones delicate skin is being protected, while looking amazing at the same time!